Litigation is an all too common part of modern life, and civil court fees can be staggering.  It’s vital therefore that early intervention and the services of experienced and insightful legal support is sought to avoid the need to resolve issues in court, and to stop legal costs from soaring.

Civil claims can take a notoriously long time to process, and without the right representation, often they may take years to resolve. 

Dispute Resolution Specialists

Our team of expert barristers strive to reach a favourable resolution as quickly as possible, protecting the interests of our clients while aiming to avoid costly and often unnecessary court costs. 

Our expertise in dispute resolution is based on a variety of litigation cases including:

Debt recovery

Development disputes

Care home fee disputes

Fraudulent misrepresentation

General civil claims

Serving both corporate and private individual clients, we can advise you on whether litigation is an option, then find the right barrister for your situation and ensure you receive the best representation for your case.

Direct Access Barristers

Our barristers are qualified to receive direct access instructions, so you can seek our services directly, without the need for a solicitor. 

For more information and advice on dispute resolution, feel free to call us on 07796 131966 or contact us via our online form.

Recent cases have included: 

- Re: H (Hair strand testing) 2017 EWFC 64

Re: WCC & LBW v E,C,K & V

EWFC 2017 [detention and torture of parent]

-LBL v DBE, EB, JPG [2017]: Recently settled: Assets of over £2M, allegations of undue influence and exploitation

- RE [2018]: On-going construction dispute over multi-million pound redevelopment